Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Nurse practitioner jobs overview

Nurse practitioner jobs are diverse. Given that nurse practitioners are high up in the nursing ladder, they are given more duties and responsibilities that match their annual salary. As a nurse practitioner, you will be magnifying the prospects of the nursing vocation by offering a distinct mixture of treatment and care. The position of a nurse practitioner was developed in 1965 by the University of Colorado as a way of providing better medical services to those that require it. Since the rolling out of the program, a lot of opportunities have been created for nurse practitioner. As a nurse practitioner, you will be able to work  independently, earn more money  than other nurses  and those in other professions, have more authority and derive extreme satisfaction from your job. Over the last 5 years, there has been an increased demand for highly experienced and skilled practitioner nurses. This in turn has led to more nurse practitioner jobs. Given that graduates who are graduating from nursing schools are unable to fill all the available nurse practitioner jobs available, it is estimated that the demand for nurse practitioners will increase by more than 500,000 per year by the end of 2020. This is according to a study that was carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a nurse practitioner ?

Registered nurses that are seeking a profession as nurse practitioners, due to the challenges that come with the job on top of the level of independence, will discover that their efforts are not in vain. The duties and responsibilities of a nurse practitioner consist of tasks that were regarded  as a preserve for doctors at some point. As a nurse practitioner, you will, from time to time, offer services such as diagnosing and treating various ailments, ordering x-ray tests, doing physical examinations, getting patient’s medical records, attending  to injuries sustained by patients, analyzing diagnostic examinations, prescribing medications and supervising registered nurses as well as licensed practical nurses. Other duties and responsibilities that you will be tasked with, include urging and teaching communities about leading a healthy lifestyle. The capability to connect with empathy plus understanding  in respect  to the healthcare  issues, as well as, offering  solutions to some of the problems  that  patients  are  experiencing  are some of the things you will be expected to do as a nurse practitioner. Through a couple of duties and responsibilities, the global requirement for medical care is met. Nurse practitioner jobs include:


–          Getting health as well as medical records for patients.

–          Carrying out age founded physical tests.

–          Performing defensive screening examinations, for example, cancer, hearing and visual tests.

–          Identifying any dangers that a patient may have and outlining the requirements of a patient.


–          Ordering  diagnostic examinations that are in line with a patient’s requirements.

–          Evaluating the health of a patient, past medical records, and analyzing tests.

Handling patient care schedule:

–          Determine the requirements of a family or that of a community based on relevant data collected.

–          Put into practice a care schedule which may consist of prescribing drugs. However, it is important to point out that the legality that is granted to a nurse practitioner while prescribing medications, may differ from one state to another

–          Offering and promoting  better health care.

–          In need be, as a practitioner nurse you will be expected to make referrals to medical care agencies or to the right health care professionals.

–          Recurrently review and make the necessary adjustments to schedule of care so as to attain medical care objectives.

Outside the extent of professional proficiencies and duties, the personal traits of a nurse practitioner pays a huge role in his or her career. The path of a nurse practitioner that you choose to follow will hinge on your character. If you are able to showcase proper judgment, empathy, increased level of maturity  as well as understanding, you will be able to thrive in your profession as a nurse practitioner. In addition, if you have the ability to not only  inspire patients that are under your care, but also your fellow colleagues in the same profession, you will be able to offer the kind of services that a hospital is looking for. By becoming a nurse practitioner, you will be able to obtain a greater chance of autonomy and increase your level of experience.

Nurse practitioner jobs – areas of specializations

Nurse PractitionerThe following are some of the areas that you will specialize in as a nurse practitioner:

Pediatric Nursing: As a pediatric nurse, you will be able to work with infants, toddlers, children and teenagers. Other than ensuring that your patients have good health, one of your duties will be to promote better health amongst them.

Neonatal nurse practitioners: These are types of nurse practitioners that work hand-in-hand with other professionals with an aim of promoting better health. Your duties and responsibilities will include analyzing, diagnosing and handling the care of children born with considerable amount of health issues.

Family nurse practitioners: Your job will involve offering basic health care for persons of all ages, that is, from newborns to old people. You will be responsible for diagnosing and treating the various ailments found in these groups of people.

Nurse practitioner jobs – What are some of the rewards ?

There are a myriad of rewards  that you stand to gain by choosing to advance your nursing education and career. Other than being accorded high levels of independence and the personal satisfaction that comes with working as a practitioner nurse, you will be able to earn more money. The average annual salary of a nurse practitioner is roughly between $70,000.00 and $120,000.00. The amount of money that you receive in salaries will hinge on several factors such as your level of education, years of experience  and the location where you are practicing your  profession. The cost of living in a particular area  also plays a huge role in determining the amount of money that you are paid in salary. There are states that pay more in terms of nurse practitioner jobs such as California and New Jersey